Mojohito Tchudi HeadshotMy name is Michael “Mojo” Tchudi and I’ve been practicing dharma of various sorts for over ten years.

My formal study began with taoist and Chan buddhist philosophy, taoist healing arts, meditation, tai ji and qigong, nutrition and acupressure. I lived at a residential institute of Chinese medicine, whole foods nutrition, and massage therapy, where I was immersed in these practices. My major influences during this period include Paul Pitchford, Matthew Sweigart, and Christian Real.

I then went on to study Indian and Tibetan yoga philosophy, as well as the internal and external forms of asana, pranayama, and subtle-body meditations. I attended several teacher trainings with excellent teachers including Brandy Davis, Mira Shani, Lama Marut aka Brian Smith PhD, and Cindy Lee.

In addition and perhaps most prominently has been my passion for Geluk buddhism, especially the Lam Rim genre. I’ve studied several of these texts and their authors in-depth and applied the teachings in my life. I’m very grateful to my buddhist teachers including everyone mentioned above as well as many other lamas I’ve received teachings from either in person or via the yogic siddhi of podcasts and audio books.

I am currently a graduate student at Dharma Realm Buddhist University in the Master of Arts in Buddhist Classics program. DRBU is situated on the grounds of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, one of the largest buddhist communities in the western hemisphere, and home to Tathagata Monastery. This program is focused on the core texts of buddhism, and encourages students to develop innate wisdom by reading the sūtras directly and developing original thinking and commentary. In addition, I study Sanskrit translation to develop skills in reading source texts in the original language.

For a fairly complete overview of my education and experience, see my resume/C.V. on LinkedIn.

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